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Masturbation Accessories

What is a masturbation accessory? Masturbation is defined as "manual stimulation of the genital organs for sexual pleasure"  and Accessory is defined as "a supplementary component that improves capability" so a masturbation accessory is anything, other than or in addition to, your hand used to stimulate the genital organs for sexual pleasure!



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 Masturbators  Quality masturbators and male masturbation toys


Many  would agree that using your hand is all well and good for solo sex play. It's always there with you, it's discreet, and it is certainly your most convenient option for masturbating. But even the hand connoisseur would admit that Rosie Palmer and her five sisters can get boring sometimes. And when that happens, it's time for a masturbator or two or even three.

Male Masturbators

Male masturbators are the ideal option for spicing up your masturbation equation and here's why. Most men would concur that a woman's vagina is preferable to their man hand. It's moist, welcoming, and oh-so-tight. There really is no contest whatsoever between the two. Unfortunately, though, there are times when sex with a lovely lady is just not a possibility. In cases such as this, think of male masturbators as your trusty stroking companion. With ribs and other stimulating nubbies along the interior masturbators are the prefect for getting off solo.  Vendors listed to the left carry a huge selection of male masturbators ranging from the simplest of strokers to wad blowing realistic masturbators modeled after porn stars. The realistic masturbators are full sized and many come with vibrating eggs for extra stimulation. Made of Cyberskin or UR3 these masturbators have an amazingly realistic feel to them.  If you are looking for a smaller, more compact masturbators for quickie session, you can find a nice variety of hand held masturbators and sex toys for every imagination. There is even the "Deep Throat Stroker Masturbator" that is designed after a women's mouth and throat.  Male masturbators are just devices designed to please the hard cock. Many are items for you to masturbate and cum on like breast and feet. Before visiting the vendors listed to the left, open your mind and be ready to discover a whole new world of masturbation.

Female Masturbators

Womens sex toys are superb products for helping women achieve orgasms faster and optimizing their sexual health and satisfaction. Womens sex toys are developed with the female body and erogenous zones in mind. These adult toys range from g spot sex toys which curved shafts to clit stimulating vibrators and everything in between. Womens sex toys include dildos, anal toys, vibrators and a variety of other fun adult products.  The design of the female masturbator comes in 1000's of different styles, materials and uses. Many female masturbators are for simulating intercourse while others are for stimulating her clitoris and some do both. There are even female masturbators design for for 

For Couples too

Masturbators can be fun as a couples toy too.  The possibilities are endless!  Use solo or with a friend masturbators take masturbation to a whole new level.

Add a little spice!

When you're all alone all you can think about is plunging your throbbing penis into a tight, wet pussy. What are you to do? Does your hand sound like the best way to masturbate now?...Yep, we figured as much. That's where  male masturbators truly shine. Get out your masturbator of choice, add some lube, insert your penis into the masturbator and stroke away. Close your eyes, feel the moment, and you'll swear she was there with you.  Enhance your session with a real life phone lover. Girls available 24/7 visit or call them at 866-667-7781or check out for direct dial numbers of a girl that gets your dick hard.



Masturbators  Quality masturbators and male masturbation toys

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